Contract solutions:
for competitive hospitality projects.

With a 15.000 sq manufacturing facility and a vast number of certifications, AM Furniture Group assures the best quality and delivery time to the most demanding hospitality design projects.
We understand how specific Contract projects are.
Our key to success and competitive prices are high-quality standards and effective delivery times, as well as providing constant consultancy and technical support to our customers.

Contract projects Portfolio

Quality, production, environmental and HR certifications.

AM Furniture recognizes the importance of being a certified manufacturer and trader.
Anchored on values that promote sustainability and environmental care, the company uses its resources in a responsible and eco-friendly way.
Establishing a thorough quality-management system has also proven fundamental when it comes to reducing defects.
By assuring the satisfaction of its team and striving for high-quality standards, AM Furniture Group has developed a Best Practices Manual and created a Human Resources Management System that reflects the mission, vision and values of the organization.

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